story of me.. XD

ehem2.. sorry didnt have idea.. well.. know what... when i woke up this not early morning anymore... i just do my daily... check my phone and switch on my tv.. as i need to watch my fav game show... but then when i check my face.. i saw blood.. oh my gosh.. TT~TT thats blood come from my mouth.. and it looks fresh + and clot blood.. and what else.. its getting black.. when i touch it becomes red... (actually im too panic... XD) so i just get out from my room and tell my grandma.. shes not too shock... she just ask me to put ice... TT~TT what else? of coz i brush my teeth first.. i'm not raja bersiong descendants.. XD

then my bro keep insulting me.. i dont know why he hate me so much.. today.. im just help my grandma.. as he didnt want to get up.. and its almost time for break our fast... he didnt even get reactions at first.. so i told my grandma... if hes going with this attitude.. one day he will loss his job.. then suddenly he woke up and keep insulting me.. he even said that im no use... and going to kill himself... and keep grumbling.. while im like usual can only listen and cant said anything.. as everyone will put the blame on me..

everyday i keep crying till i cant focus on anything.. when mr alligator ask me about study.. i just can cry, hate myself... im not showing to my friend as they wont understand till they at my position..and everytime they say that i just think it easy they got wrong. i cant study like them... i know this sound weird.. but im paranoid with every single thing...  i cant focus at all.. and i cant breathe like before.. my condition getting worse... and they never knew.. and my mom only said... "u should watch ur meal as since baby all u do is sick" its not what i want... and my bro keep saying.. "adik tu manja.. bukan sakit betul"i wish he was here when im almost dead at my last year school... early last year (im 17th) im almost die when i cant even move my hand.. i cant breathe.. and since that everything change... he just dont know what im going throught.. coz i never mention as i cant stop crying when i remember that moment..

i wish no one will reveal my life.. but that only make me pain inside.. i know when i write this.. sum1 might hear my heart... so it make my burden less.. thank you for reading.. ^___^ life still need my smile.. how i know? coz without me.. 0.00001 of the world wont b complete...


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