a week~~

i dont know whether all realize that im not posting anything... n why only now im update.. yea.. im enjoying my new game..n my new life.. but only a week.. hmmm... im glad that they r my friend.. even when im being bullied by others.. they come to save me... which one i should story first??

first im playing.. i dont know any1.. n im scared of them... 2nd day deadmen n lhei keep flirting me.. 3rd day qbayy flirt wif me too.. but his characters is a girl.. OME~also got babycee, charmaine, bohsiakampong, uchiha, k4k4shi, basarasengoku, killer7, theMyth, rainman, umbrella... n also izanagi @ enlil.. i didnt mad at u dear even u kill me.. i mean it.. ^__^ i really miss u guys.. killer7 sing for me shirobella. XD u know that song?? dia.. shirobella.. lambang cinta.. yg lara.. terpisah kerana adat yang berbeza,.. yaa.. we got different adat n country.. but we still unite.. all of them got malaysian, indonesian, philipines..... n argentina... my cute fer (izanagi)...

qbayy first.. he said he play female char.. coz everyone will help female char.. =__= n he never know will fall in love wif me... now he regret.. he can change his gender.. but need 1200MC... dont know how much it cost..  we all keep saying d same thing when he said he love me.. change ur gender first! XD then he said.. he will marry me in real life.. O.O weuw.. sweat.. r u serious qbayy??but he really kind.. cant resist him.. he search d best equipment 4 me.. n when im being bullied,.. he come to slay that scaredy cat.. n in arena last night.. he accidentally kill me..then he give me link to kill him back... when i OTW, im killed by his team.. he come to my base just to die in my hand..we go AB together every night.. only 2 of us.. >////<

then lhei.. hes from philipines.. but live in malaysia.. can speak malay.. so he always call me sayang.. last night he ask me.. "will u marry me.. im not rich.. but ill do it 4 u if u want" =__=" then he shout to world he really love me n wanna marry me.. deadmen.. he already have wife/gf.. but keep joining qbayy say love me.. basara got 2wife.. also like my bro now... n ferr~~ ithough he still 18 or younger than me.. he 21 now.. he pm me last night.. saying he really love me the way i am... b4 i play dat game.. everyone do their job.. only shout for buying or selling.. but now keep playing like a big happy family.. really? i love u 2 ferr.. but how dare u kill me!!

in real life?? yea.. i met afy in fb.. nura bf bestfriend... i call him afy~ cute name right? hes playing football at ipoh n got restaurant lorh~ im hungry now.. hes too late.. if only we met earlier..maybe ill b his future wife.. d(e__e)b just kidding.. mrB still need me.. i cant c him down.. whenever i scold him.. i know his stress but trying to control..  hes not well now.. fever maybe.. he always doing his best.. i knew it.. i should not fall in love wif afy now.. afy.. we should stop saying, kalau lah awak muncul lebih awal.. we should not!! im wif sum1.. u still single.. u should enjoy it.. u cant enjoy that moment once u b my bf..

nura.. r u ok dear? remember.. stop thinking bout fb.. u should wait till everything ok..9she dont know my blog, thats y im going to write her name) sorry nura.. =P Afy said, u try to call him afy but he said.. only me can call him that.. is that true?? hehe.. mrB.. im sorry.. dont worry.. i wont fall in love wif other till u said u really hate me.. ill try... thx mrB love u.. qbayy.. stop jealous.. if u jealous.. please change ur gender..