new life..

well.. such a long time right? hehe.. well now chi dah kerja.. so doesnt have time to spare at this blog.. not just that.. pc lappy n modem pwn semua broke down.. but still function.. and macam2 dah jadi since i work.. pernah kena maki, kena marah, macam2 la.. dulu semua orang respect chi.. but since i start working at 7E so they think they are just too good.. well.. rasa macam nak suruh ayah chi beli je tempat tu.. biar diorang diam..

then with my boyfriend.. we still arguing bout sumjthng that doesnt matter and no need to think bout.. yea i know.. its all bcoz im still like a small kid.. so he worried bout me.. then i got new friends since i stay at my new place.. well.. just a few but mean a lot to me.. coz they cheer my life.. hmm... nak kena type nama ke? tak pe la.. lain kali ek?

but sorang tu.. if he came at night.. (he only appears at night) i always laught.. dont know why.. but he looks sweet.. but sorry.. i just fall in love wif yan.. hehe.. well hope he doesnt see this.. so hard to say this at him..  XD erk.. lain kali la type.. xbest nak cerita since typing at cc...


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