new post after few month..

huh.. finally... first time online + blogging at my nnew place... errr... actually im ruin my future.. why? hmm.. tengah memonteng meyh.. just half an hour... ask my new friend to cover my place... as long as im safe.. what should i answer when my manager ask? should i said "pergi makan kak?" TT~TT

then 31st october... birthday abang king kong.. hmm.. then we didnt meet each other as he need to go back to his hometown.. and yan, hes busy wif his work... oh new story.. i faint at my place work... then others, hmm.. kebetulan my new house dkat sblah rumah BD.. BD = before this i already wrote bout him.. try to find it urself...

hmm...then what? well.. write it later.. ^__^


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