dumb girl

long time didnt update any story.. why my title like that? coz thats me.. how stupid i am... before as u know i play MMORPG..then already quit 2weeks ago.. last night my bro ask to play while he in other guild.. qbayy try to pursue me.. coz today we will merge again.. today S20-S21 will merge wif us S22-S23..

but last night bcoz of my stupid react.. everyone know i really love him.. im too shock.. all this while he never told me.. he already married n got son.. i dont know why suddenly feel so hurt.. he should tell me earlier.. all his fault.. pleaase tell me all his fault!!! he already know i fall in love wif him.. he should tell me earlier.. not keep using love words till i really cant b helped.. yea.. i love him n all his love word.. saying that he found a girl that he need... but all thats just a lie.. he really trick me..

he said thats d only way to get know me better.. to help me.. but thats not solution.. thats disaster.. yea i know before im too negative.. but when he beside me.. he turn my world.. now i know why he keep asking me search the right guy in my real world.. he cant bear seeing me cry when i already found out all this.. i check his pic.. why im so stupid.. didnt notice that ring..

he a bit mad when he ask me doing what, i said flirting wif peys.. he doesnt like me wif peys o lhei.. but he keep asking me to find anyone.. its all his fault.. why he said yes when i ask.. he should say no.. jas told me.. im too good to b mistress... so just forget him.. but i cant.. i really did... i did fall in love.. u all i need.. he doesnt know.. yea.. i know that come from our fav song.. just change it a bit..

wuaaaa.. im so shy now.. everyone pm me dont b sad.. must b charm told everyone i love him.. now i know who d only one he told i love u.. why its so hard? hes not too good.. plus many guys will do anything for me... why im always like this.. please dont say u love me when ur not.. please dont talk like u my lover.. but let me call u my pet.. n im still ur "MY DEAR"... maybe its hurt.. but i cant bear seeing u wif anyone else.. so let me keep this feeling till i found my new sum1... today merge.. plus peys said will buy capsule gender.. n myth say but break up pledge.. so i should think forward.. many guy will do anything..

asssss... dont ask me.. n all.. sorry lagi galau.. erk.. galau is bahasa indo.. i learn it from him.. so please.. im still malaysia.. just im too great.. can use many language.. philipines also can try.. got many friend there.. =3 they still human.. no need to say that country bad, that country nice.. coz thats our country.. everyone see our country bad coz ppl in that country.. so please dont start a war.. coz i fall in love wif ur ppl from ur country.. but bcoz of some ppl that keep mention different.. we cant b together.. is it important whether u malay, china, india, indo, philipines? is it important if u rich o poor? dont have car, dont have house..? ok better stop.. u wont read all this.. i know..


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