i HaTe u

I know u will say its normal for me.. coz u dont know me.. easy to hate people n easy to like people...but if u annoying me.. sorry.. thats mean no forgiveness...nice to me.. im nice to u.. once u mess wif me.. u pay for it..this is NOT a JOKE... lately im not myself.. what happen awhile ago? its hurt my head.. please kill me... lately im more sensitive.. even small things i will cry.. why im so weak now? hey.. since when i care who left out from my heart.. let him go.. i shud not let myself down...

enuff what happen b4.. n stop using his name... its really hurts.. he mad at me am i stupid.. yea.. im really stupid coz can fall in love wif sum1 like him.. that doesnt know im not like other girls.. like other said.. easy to use me.. easy hurt me.. easy to make me down...

i tot we really happy b4.. calling each other.. everynight im waiting even i said no.. then last night u didnt call me.. n today u ignore me.. maybe better that way.. just stay away from me.. or i would do stupid things.. yea sumthng like suicide... shud i kill myself? im really tired.. n afraid killing myself.. im not afraid of my life.. im afraid coz i dont know my next world.. n im afraid i cant step d heaven..

he keep blaming me without know... im already shaking.. im almost faint.. he only think himself.. his friend sick.. fine go ahead.. but u dont know.. im really tired now.. looks normal.. but im blood vomit..sometimes i cant breathe.. sometimes im shaking... my head feel so heavy n spinning... i dont know whats wrong wif me.. u never see me like other girls.. u so mean to me.. but not other girls...u more soft when talking wif them... n for u our age really got gap.. is it problem if u old 7years than me? well hello.. u ever heard many ppl nowadays married wif sum1 10-30years gap.. n sumtimes that lady more old.. n for us its normal..

yea i know what u wanna said.. just ignore me.. sure u can choose anyone around d world.. im nobody to u.. like i did to other guy.. im deserve it coz i broke too many heart coz u.. why im so hard.. just accept any guy.. all of them waiting for my answer.. if i keep like this.. i will lose my chance..

am i really looks bad at ur eyes? let me b evil then..

really tired now... almost faint.. i hope he will never know d truth.. ^__^ anything could happen.. i wont die easily.. no one n no result said i will die.. im just weak right? just coz i stop taking medicine? im sure im ok.. 2 times i sleep while typing now.. >_< i dream seeing my own heart.. maybe.. but its weird.. more light.. what i said fire? sakit kepala... n thx to holy coz help me check how it charged calling from here to other country... sure u will jealous righ mr DEER? i  hate u...


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