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waaaaa.. really miss my blog... i never forget my blog.. but qbayy already found my blog.. by typing my name at google.. i cant b honest now..but lately we dont talk much.. he busy wif his work n  i try to forget my feeling towards him by skyping sum1 looks like taeyang.. at first he really good friend.. but his gf jealous.. n he said they already broke up.. n i think he lie.. if he really broke up.. that girl wont always b beside him.. n not only that girl.. i think he have 1 more girl that he really love.. he said her ex too but now his friend.. why a friend will say "i love u so much" wif sweet calling..?yea he say he love me.. but he said to that girl he love her so much..

he said he will graduate either march or october n will come here for me.. i think he lie too.. coz got 1 time he said.. but dont put too much hope.. idk.. i just think he keep to many secret wif me.. n by telling in his country they only allowed to have 1 wife.. i told him im islam n islam let guy have 4 wife.. n he said he wont do that.. idk but he keep promise... so i told him i dont like promise.. dont promise if he cant keep it.. or it will only hurt me later.. but we gone too far now.. but he always sad when im wiff qbayy.. he still lost to qbayy.. coz i keep say no to him n wait qbayy.. but qbayy never believe me.. he even mad at me n say im flirting all guy..

i wonder how qbayy life now.. is it better without me? after all.. i cant force this.. my grandpa sis call my mom last night.. she so excited want match me wif  some guy she know.. grrrr... i dont want!!! please search for ur grandchild >_< i know man love to enjoy.. but they more older than me.. dont ask me first.. i know i really wanna get married b4.. but not anymore..

mrB? its already long time i didnt contact him.. let he think whatever he want.. my ex gone crazy.. he msg my fb.. he will kill all my boyfriend.. n he keep talk bad bout me.. he said i go out wif many guys.. but my dad laugh.. coz i never go out anywhere except wif my family or kuro.. or he blind till see kuro like a boy? wow.. a boy wif shawl...

i dont mind bout them.. coz i dont care anymore.. even he msg bout his marriage.. so what? why u mad when u say wont disturb me n then disturb again? gosh.. if i didnt reply mean its not important.. just like i said b4.. stay back from my friend n sis.. dont u ever dare to touch them..

my hearts.. my feelings... i really hate this.. qbayy please dont read my blog.. i wish i can write all this without hiding any feelings.. n taeyang clone.. sorry keep hurting u.. sorry im not like other girls.. remember first skype? u so nervous but u want skype me.. then u too excited n show me all ur house.. u show me ur bro too... n u show keyboard n say want play music for me using keyboard or guitar.. then i laugh.. i said.. "using broom or guitar.." then he laugh.. his broom on d keyboard.. he so nervous at first.. but 2nd day he change to normal.. he not shy like b4.. he even sing for me using his guitar.. then he talk many things bout him.. he also create sweet words for me..

n sometime he use his blanket n cover his head just like wear hijab.. >__< wew.. but lately we keep talking serious things n i hate that.. serious topics always change me.. hard to see his smile too.. he didnt smile like first i see him.. he didnt laugh like b4.. mybe he start to stress wif me.. hey forgive me.. coz i only remember u now.. u d one who keep pm me n say good things to me... everytime ppl pick up fight wif me n qbayy mad at me... yea.. i shud not interfere bout his relationship.. he can lie to me.. he can say he love me.. but im no one.. why shud sum1 like him fall in love wif me? his life so perfect there.. n i just want to see everyone happy.. im really ok.. dont think too much.. n sorry i have bad fever this 2 days.. n keep sleeping while chat wif u.. i didnt mean it.. but this is me.. i have weak body... wif too much illness.. u shud not love me.. or u will regret.. but u shud not avoid me too... i still wanna b ur friend.. n i really miss u n really love u.. sorry


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