3 march 2013

yesterday i hang out wif kuro, her mom n her sis.. then me n kuro go karaoke.. i really sing it loud.. coz too stress.. my grandma sick.. more worse than b4.. but im drunk coz nescafe + milo = neslo.. really tired now n want sleep.. but i cant coz ariel really make me hurts..

he said he love me.. he said he dont want lose me... but all thats just a lie.. he wif his gf.. he said ex.. but all those girls admit they r ariel gf.. stop telling a lie.. i told u many times.. please stop telling a lie.. yea coz im stvpid right? u call me stvpid.. i admit that for sum1 who dont even know me.. if im categorized as stvpid.. then other ppl are d most dumb n foolish person? is that so?

is it really fun playing wif my heart? well i might b stvpid.. but i have heart too.. u keep promise... but i know u just say it.. u didnt mean it... i keep type n delete.. looks like i lost my words..


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