fool girl

im really i know why i keep thinking bout that song.. that is what happening now.. i shud stop my heart from loving other guy..i shud know.. they never love me.. they only want me.. but didnt love me.. i can see.. they already have girlfriends, wife, fiance..  but they told lie.. keep saying no.. when i found out they will say.. they lie bcoz they fall in love wif me.. but im really stvpid believe that words.. if they really love me.. they will tell the truth.. but maybe they r right.. if they told me the truth.. they wont have a chance to know me..

its really hurt now.. everyone keep telling a lie.. i know all my fault.. i shud not believe even its d sweetest lie ever.. i shud not.. i remember how sweet takiya is.. but then he left me.. then bout that psycho guy.. yan... he willing to kill everyone just to own me.. idk.. till kuro said.. cant i have normal boyfriend.. yea.. i tot its gonna b ok.. why all of them keep promise me.. i dont want any promise.. all of u keep breaking that.. u too ariel.. u broke it.. today u said it urself.. how i never understand u.. n u dont want me too.. u can tell from d start.. so it wont hurt me like this..

why its easy to fall in love.. but hard to get rid it? i really need space.. but i dont want lose u too.. call me whatever u want coz u d one who dont understand us.. u shud know.. when u say love.. its will effect girls heart.. n u cant simply blame me or her coz not understand u.. u know how hard for me to say i love u to a guy? im not like her.. she can say i love u infront other.. she cant repeat it many times.. but i cant.. looks like im tough, brave n strong.. but im not.. im really shy.. but i try to not show it.. i cry every night.. if only u know how hard for me to survive for another day..

u really mean.. u run away when we start to fight.. is it fun? i know u never love me.. coz u didnt fight for me.. n i know u never broke up wif her.. its all just a lie right? n d most hurt.. u lie saying u miss me n really love me.. coz i really wish this is d last.. im really stvpid keep hunting love.. coz i know my love wont find me.. maybe that idiot already die somewhere.. so i left without love..

everyone always said.. u lucky coz have pretty face.. but they dont know.. ppl wif beauty face hard to find true love.. coz everyone only love their face.. everyone keep saying.. u lucky coz born in rich family.. but they dont know rich kids cant have true friend n love.. coz almost everyone hunting for their money.. and everyone keep saying.. u lucky coz u popular.. but they dont know.. many ppl will envy n jealous if u popular.. n they will make anything to see u down..

lately i got problem wif my mind.. i always forgot everything.. and today i dream.. kuro have boyfriend n will get married.. she looks diff.. n more soft.. but im jealous n try to steal her bf.. coz i dont want that guy take her away.. but that guy ignore me.. n kuro still think im nice.. in my dreams.. im really bad.. coz try to end my bff relationship.. what happen if kuro married n forget bout me? please stay.. i dont know whom shud i rely on when ur not around


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