love you all...

actually yesterday me and kuro plan for a movie.. but since harry potter ticket was sold out.. and only got after 1.30p.m. and above.. and ai wish to see it.. but cant do anything as we should see yani at 2.00pm..then we just hangout at McD jusco bukit tinggi.. and our topic about past... about our primary school.. bout our activity... of coz sam were in too.. ^___^

then we plan to pick up sam for karaoke while waiting for 2pm.. funny when i start thinking bout thin incident.. sam told us that she wait at pagar sumthing... then after 1 minute we reach there but no one coming.. then only we realise.. she use her mom phone to call us.. how come she wait us there? haha.. then coz they wish for vip room.. so we still have to wait.. such a long time.. then i already say to them.. should tell yani we can only finish it at 4pm... then only we meet.. but they keep saying.. 3pm no matter what.. now im the guilty one.. coz ai keep replying my message without writting her name.. aiya.. when i read back my message.. im going to explode.. she said ai have to go back b4 5pm.. didnt she know that im not the one who replying her message.. but ai was.. TT~TT

and i lost my mood and everything spoil.. but then our normal mood back as we just plan for sumthng special this year.. i said i wish we had one day fasting together.. then ai wish that we can shopping hari raya together... and sam.. i forgot.. TT~TT . then ai back at 6pm... and my mom pick me and sam after that.. then we hangout wif my mom.. XD

then today.. abg king kong treat us ( me n my bro) for harry potter ticket... hehe.. but we're late... then he treat us for dinner.. actually after movie i wait for him as my bro going to toilet and ask to follow him.. then he ask.. dah makan? then i just nod my head.. he said.. abang baru nak belanja.. haiya.. wrong timing.. but then still go for dinner.. my bro order for me as i didnt order anything.. such a waste, he order for char kuay teow special.... so i still eat although im full and hate the "tauge".. i dont know what others call it.. XD

i cant upload any photo as my pc cant read the usb.. TT~TT . i wish can show all that i have the one that i love... my friend and my bro.. of coz my mom and my granny and grandpa.. and all my brothers as always keep calling me and ask "chi did u take ur medicine for today? u got pressure? and many others.. im afraid too with me myself.. as that sunday i cant breathe like usual.. but then i still can manage my own feeling.. thats why i hate to speak a lot as i might hurt inside... u know what i mean.. dont like to story bout it.. XD


dream writer said...

aku merajuk ingat korg lg pentingkn karaoke drpd aku.. huhuuuhuhu... x nk pujuk ke??? :'(

chiyo ♫ shiro (Admin) said...

ko marah la ai... kite ngan sam dah cuak.. die siap cakap.. relax la.. chill la.. TT~TT im sooooo sorry.. xpe.. nanti kita serbu rumah cikgu mail sesama.. XD

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