Tragedy,.. lucky or bad charm?

errr.. title? actually i dont have any idea bout it.. so skip from that topic... many things happen.. but dont need to story all as no one will read if too complicated...

yesterday, my bro accident.. but dont worry.. he just cant raise up his hand.. but still can reply ur sms.. for girl out there.. as u know he always get into accident.. but he too mortal to be injured.. XD then his friend come.. and his friend ask.. is it u chi? haha.. why he ask stupid thing? im the only girl in this family and his friend already knew it.. but he still asking that question.. well maybe coz im white as a snow.. (terperasan sudah..) and my bro just like mocha.. XD

well i told u.. my mom banjar.. and my dad thai mix chinese.. thats why im unique.. three ethnics that famous with their voice and face.. XD yea i admit it... (perasan lagi) then i meet my ex step dad... he gave me nokia X2 colour blue and black.. and for my mom nokia E5 white in colour... and my bro got sony ericsson xperia.. crazy meyh.. and im going to sell my old phone.. but i still love my old phone.. still new what.. and still popular now.. TT~TT but my new phone look more fabulous..

well.. actually i guess i will sell my old phone just rm200.. or maybe less.. but depends on that person.. if sam.. i dont mind to give her around rm150.. XD yea i know.. i bought it 600-700.. but i dont mind bout that coz my new phone is for free.. XD


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