missing someone...

missing in action.. MIA.. XD just kidding around.. actually remember my last entry? i write it at nearest cc right? that time hh on9.. and i said miss him so much.. then he like usual.. "oh terharunya aku" mangkok btol la.. TT~TT but then feel relieved.. coz he back to normal.. i didnt mean alien or what... just b4 this he seem not interested in all topic..

then suddenly i heard sum noise... its him.. clement.. haiyo.. then i said.. didnt u hv school tomorrow? then he didnt ans me.. but he said... seringgit... he still same.. everytime he see me he gonna ask for money.. hmm.. how his SPM this year? XD cant wait...

then what else... yea.. yan.. he send me many mms.. all his hairstyle.. XD hey i never know that his job sumtimes fun.. then he ask me never hide anythng from him.. TT~TT im just too afraid to tell him everything.. then i said bout my phobia.. XD and he said.. he gonna take me 4 flying fox, rock climbing etc... =__= now really  wish that i never told him bout that... but not now la.. he said after we get married.. how come he very sure that im gonna b his wife? oh my gosh.. fate and destiny not in our hand.. thats why i never think bout that.. coz im still afraid everything gonna change.. juz like when im with takiya.. TT~TT

well.. now i really need to eat sumthing.. feel dizzy.. @__@ pasta... here i come.. wait for me..


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