stupid lover

hidup ni tak selalu indah... hmmm.. i hate that words... why?? coz i wish thats true.. but it seems like not sometime.. but everytime.. im broken hearted just bcoz of one guy.. am i stupid? we broke up for many times... but we back together...27times if im not mistaken.. i know im stupid... no need to repeat that.. but i just cant leave him althought im suffering from his action..

yea... there got many guys out there... they said they love me.. and can give everything that i wish... but im still cant love them back.. i know its better choose sum1 that love us than love sum1.. but thats the problem... ill try that till i meet him.. i hate him coz hes playboy.. but when he said i should try date wif him.. i start to like him n fall in love wif him... yea... the right quotes for this scene "tak kenal maka tak cinta".. hmmm.. what he did? i didnt story yet? it something that i shouldnt story.. such embarassing... but one thing.. im loyal to him althought im naive... and always being fooled by him and others... but that doesnt mean he can couple wif others n do anything wrong wif other girls... im not dead yet.. FYI im not a toy... and i always love u like no others..

hmmm im the most stupid girl that keep waiting for u.. today only got 2 person asking for my phone number n ask for couple n wanna married wif me.. errrkkk.. i said no.. again... =__= why i keep waiting for u!!! TT~TT i cant b like this.. hmmm... but im sure u will change one day... n ill b d only one in ur heart till i die... oww plz dont ask am i okay... u already know... TT~TT


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