hmmm.. everyone got their bad n good side... and im more to bad i think.. coz keep hurting everyone around me.. i want them to care bout me.. but never understand their feeling..hmmm.. i fought wif my bro.. that make me feel like no more tomorrow.. but we getting okay back.. coz i know.. whatever happen he still my bro.. and even one of us being killed.. we will lost half our soul.. so we keep take care each other.. sorry mom coz i already involved myself in his matter n im in danger.. but not for a long time,.. coz i still can pretend like i didnt do anything.. if that make u happy mom..

now im confusing myself.. not only my bro.. but my feeling.. my love.. i know.. im back to yan.. that bcoz of u idiot!! i love u before.. i never feel like that before.. u make me in mess.. u make me waiting ur call.. everynight... but u left me after that day! i hate u but still  love u.. sorry but u too late.. im already belong to my ex aka my bf now..

Q.. he back in my life.. n now hes in my top friend.. haha.. hes my ex before.. but why should i care... niwa also my ex but turn to my best friend.. last night we didnt sleep sms each others.. and got many story.. n we talk bout fashion n much more... n also bout korean n japanese that he really crazy bout..

HH!! long time dint hear right? heeee.. hes so cute.. the other day ill sms him using my mom number.. at first he said "jgn maen2.." then i make my smiley.. n he say.. he know its me from my smiley.. =__= and he call me serigala jadian.. sengal punya mamat.. XD

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hey i just realised.. why its all bout guy? let me think bout girl... hmm... sam shes busy with her chores.. kuro still MIA... chiya n kak el... no idea what going on... hmmm.. mida.. she make me worried.. whether she ok or not.. hmm.. hopefully she ok.. n of coz b d happiest person.. hey.... chiya birthday is coming up.. what should i do? should i make a cake or buy him sumthing? hmmm... KURO!! if u see this.. i just wanna say.. i miss u.. wanna hangout? remember this mcflurry? hehe.. everyone!! know what.. even we always fought... we still best friend forever.. d best bff... since im still a kid.. we keep buying mcflurry for ourself.. n she knows every single of my tears...


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