Time machine....

choc n candy that i serve...
huhu... everything happen in sudden.. DN keep hanging out this week... but daidai keep saying she wish ao here... and aka said.. "thats my sis.. of coz im sad too when shes not here" and today.. aka n kuro already futher their study.. hmmm... ill b alone back.. talk bout alone ill remember.. when i check yan fb acc inbox, i see their msg.. yan n ao.. he said.. plz take care me for him.. coz he know what happen to me.. i keep too many secrets that im afraid to tell anyone... to type it in blog... to write in diaries... its like keeping all those in my heart.. im just scared once they know... they will leave me..

yesterday... kuro n aka rush my home sweet home.. how dare they obey me.. =__=" so others than cake, tart n cookies...i serve candy and choc.. XD H said please do invite him to my house.. but i cant.. coz im still paranoid wif ppl... still in yesterday story.. then we go to masjid negeri.. aka said she wants to meet her friend that she never meet... i keep hiding at aka back.. (im too stupid.. im hiding but they still can see) got one akak ask me.. do u know what we gonna do today... i said im just following.. TT~TT they ask our full name, whats our weird habits... n i think im d weirdo.. coz i said.. i just want to b housewife.. n i didnt futrher my study coz im afraid n panic at crowded place.. =__=

got another story.. before yesterday.. my dad bought me my fav burger.. but i didnt walk to "that burger stall".. why? coz i see him... but when im look at back.. hes gone.. that better.. we should find our way... but my mom still hopingi got future husband that can speak well in english and soleh.. and she wish my kid will call her granny.. whats wrong if we call nenek, opah, tok, popo, or whatever it is? mom.. dont worry.. i need sum1 that can b my imam n will teach me everything... n for sure he will love me till death.. =______= ok? done~~ now time for shopping.. XD need to buy new books..


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