miss my blog.. XD too many stories to write it off.. hmm.. i think i should talk bout my holiday!! yea.. who say kelantan such a poor state..? thats not true.. i'll go there.. and its not like what im imagine.. hehe.. sorry before this i thought kelantan was a village.. but i see.. there got many technologies, lab.. the only think i want to complaint is.. it was too hot.. and my skins turn to red.. XD and my bro said.. "adik.. naik jerawat" huaaa.. dont say that.. i know.. im allergic according to d weather... 

nasi tumpang

got another thing that surprise me.. actually i thought every girl wearing scarf.. coz i see their children wearing a scarf in their house.. so when they go for shopping they will wear wide and long scarf.. but..... errrrr... they didnt wear it and dying their hair.. so much different than what i thought.. and i make myself look stupid when i try to make my shawl cover all my body... to make i didnt look different with them.. but im still d difference when everyone at there use short scarf n free hair..

and i get excited when i see sheep for d first time.. they looks so cute.. hehe.. then i cant understand many words.. sorry... im trying to learn how to speak loghat.. but its too hard for me.. lain diajar, lain disebut.. and d best thing about kelantan is their food... first time i see nasi tumpang.. i feel awkward.. then i feel like.. can i get another one? hehe... never eat that before.. actually there got many others food... but hard to remember their name.. i stay in hotel at kota bharu.. so that night i go to wakaf che yeh.. actually i got it wwrong.. i call it sumthing different and everyone laugh.. oh please... im learning okay..

some of them are too kind.. they help others  that they dont know.. but some of them looks me like they hate me.. im not too weird right? im still human.. just i didnt looks like malay coz im mix.. so please understand.. im not foreigner.. and i didnt speak anything coz i cant speak kelantan.. if i speak in malay, u guys will reply in kelantanese.. then i cant understand..

but that morning i go to pasar that i dont know what its name.. but everything cheapest.. XD but my sweet r d expensive one.. cant get it cheaper.. and i like that pasar more than wakaf.. why? coz almost all were middle age woman.. and sum of them can b call granny.. know what.. sum of them can speak in english.. great!! XD and they promote me jeruk.. hehe.. and again.. my first time... first time i see setoi.. dont know how to spell.. 

and at there we spend rm2000++ now i know.. when we buy sumthing its look cheap.. but when we count everything.. errrk.. my money!!! i can buy new galaxy tab.. XD haha.. mine still ok.. so better not to buy anything.. save in bank and make investment.. :P

so for kelantan.. when i go there after this.. (cant sure) please.. i want more nasi tumpang.. hehe.. fall in love with that.. 


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