today my bro mad coz his game.. and im really stress.. so i just said to ariel.. im not in mood.. need space.. but we start to fight.. and then im so stress.. so i do stvpid things.. but ariel kill me non stop.. im really mad.. he say im pissed him.. n really annoying him... he call me stvpid.. selfish.. yea.. ur lover CHARM sure happy read that..

i already say sorry but u keep mad at me.. hey u know what? we really not meant together.. i think so.. coz u cant answer me.. my simple question.. "IS THIS D END?" im too stvpid to understand it.. so what if im crying now?u only can pretend like u care n love.. but u dont know anything.. kuro!!! please.. lets go out tomorrow.. i really need to release tension.. but i dont think i can karaoke after all this.. u know.. ariel love music too..

hey.... u already end it right? u delete me.. that enuff to say u end all this.. and our country will set war? u know ur ppl killing 2 vat police malaysia.. u know my dad really busy coz that.. im not racist.. but my parents really mad bout that.. my dad say really hard to train commando.. but they dont know too.. i really mean it when i told them bout u..

but too hard... my head really hurt..feel so heavy.. what will happen next? will this end like this? please tell me.. dont ask me.. im too stvpid to answer that.. i need answer.. KURO!! help me.. i know u will mad at me n say " told u, dont fall in love wif that guy! but how many times i said that u wont hear" yea.. but please atleast just said that word.. i know i wont hear u.. but ur words will effect me.. atleast i know.. sum1 still beside me no matter what happen.. no matter what my past.. no matter what my future.. u promise that right kuro? i only have u.. who know every part of my life.. i wish i can tell others.. but im too afraid..

why my heart feel so hurt? mom.. im sorry.. love u mom.. i wish i can hug u now mom.. tok.. please keep eat ur medicine.. >_<


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