1st sight love

i really miss this guy... although we just meet and have short time together. his feeling towards me? i dont know... and of coz i never told him coz im juz a careless and looks dumbies infront him... i even fell and 4got where to find thing n even tissues 4 meal.

1st we meet, i just take my lunch n suddenly he said, "did u 4got ur tissues?" then only i realised my tissues.. he gave all his tissues... not only that, he help me 2 make juice n milo. i know, not only him... every1 help me... just now i want 2 story bout him, not others. maybe sound nothing 4 others, but if u fall in love wif sum1... then only u will realise how much u will appreciate even just a lil thng he made 4 u...


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