story of my life

well.. i dont have idea what should i write today... I know! how bout my life story...

Well... every1 around me said, "U must be a rich girl... From the way u talk, tha way u walk... and of coz my face show sumthng different bout me... Actually my dad from a rich family... he's family got big bussiness... but not my mom. she just a village girl. im not sure wheter its a romantic story or not... coz my dad crash his own car with his fist juz 2 make my mom fell in love wif him..

after that they got married. But the marriage not too long.. My dad leave us when im 2years old... they divorced after 2years later (4 years old). I still rmmber what happen... sometime i feel like i would never b happy.. but then my BFF Aira will said, "Aku tahu aku bukan sahabat yang baik... tapi Allah tak pernah susahkn hambanya. Ujian ni mmg berat untuk kau tp itu yg membuatkn kau lain, hati kau lembut n sensitif..." (I know im not a good friend, but God never make life difficult for his servant. This test was really heavy 4 u but that make u different, you're soft and sensitive...)

Thanks 4 her coz until now she still my BFF... she never leave me when im sad... but im too afraid that i will lose her... I always said that i really hate n envious everything bout her but that wasnt true... such a shame if she read this... but now she got no blog,.. so im really sure this secret will last long...


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