my schedule 4 today. ( 11-1-11)

well... from 10am until 9.45pm bz with shopping n food...  1st we go 2 serendah. the food taste good. n that was my 1st experience eat stall food.. not a stall actually... its a van which they put chair around the van. at 1st i feel 2 shame 2 sit around there. but then i enjoy the meal..

then we buy many bolsters and pillows... thats my idea actually.. hehe.. my mom bought around 9-10 scarf (tudung).. then i get new idea... i take one of the scarf which red in colour, n give it as my BFF birthday present... thats how i be a good friend today.

yesterday i told u i dont know whether i choose KFC or McD 4 today... so i choose both 4 today... seem like gonna b fat soon...

well when i sent birthday present 4 my BFF... i see that guy... the one i like... he look at me.. but dont know whethr he rmmber me or not... T~T


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