tired day

really tired now.. but still want to share story... well, this morning, i help my bro with his shopping list. after that we rest 4 a lil while..

in the evening, we decide to watch cinema movie using astro... he buy ngangkung and damping malam. but i think it just waste his money. coz he already watch it at cinema. plus damping malam 2 bored. then we buy a decorative lamp 4 our grandma. now i feel like my house and I-City is the same place.

after that we have fun at karaoke studio. well, not a grat moment.. coz he always complaint "are u reading or singing?"... what the difference between those two? i think im singing and reading the lyric... but still feel shame.. coz my bro friend keep looking at us. am i toooooo weird that night? but i dont wear high heel or make up.. just like usual..

then we go 2 uptown.. we but many thing.. including phone strap. actually i want 2 make it as bracelet... since its too long, i make it as phone strap. they keep asking me 2 smile... n then they said.. " u look beauty wif that smile.." i dont have any idea.. they too kind wif me.. feel awkward.

Then i meet my last year monitor. he still rmmber my name after many month we didnt see each other. now he works wif his dad. he ask whether im still sick or feel better... well i dont know.. coz i still cant work. plus i didnt think that i will b cure 1 day... coz im still live in trauma.. wish i had sum1 2 share my feelings.. but im 2 scared they cant accept me.


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