dont talk to me if u not good enought.

why i said like that? coz sum1 try to attack me and scams me at fb.. well.. i dont know what should i do coz they juz too stupid to ask why i did all that... im not like them. religious people.. and i know how to talk wif people that have social problem.. not simply accuse them.. feel so sad for them... they said that im just make everyone got more sins plus i never success to help others.. but they never see what others people said... they talk bads bout me not just in my page.. but a web.. and i dont know.. they threat me wif newspaper..

i hate when people keep searching for me.. feel uneasy.. and im not strong enough to back up all of them.. feel so sorry.. plus after that night.. my lappy broken down.. maybe its mean that i should stop helping others and think bout my life... those religious people said bad thing.. and everything they type should b delete.. why? coz they said sumthing that we never thought.. sumthng that only those who wild kids know.. and i just can see and delete.. im not cruel like them to spam others messages.. but i dont know.. i just hate the way they talk.. including calling me dog..

then i call ai.. lucky shes futher not so far.. so she back for tomorrow.. (saturday) and she heard every story that i told her.. lucky she understand me well.. and i juz cant control my feeling that time.. so i just cry at kfc.. feel so embarassed..but i cant hold it any longer.. and sumtimes i think that they not good enought to say thing like that to me.. as i know, they use rude speech while i never use that wif them.. or should i?

plus i think i should futher now.. coz everything seems nothing to me.. i dont know my own way.. i dont know what i would do after this.. but yan said he wanna get married.. wif whom? ^__^ oh ya.. maybe i will delete my acc fb.. coz that what ai and my mom ask to.. really feel sad that i will left my name... yeah.. i used it since form1.. how can i change it?


Anonymous said...

shiro..chill k :)

chiyo ♫ shiro (Admin) said...

thx dear.. ^__^

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