cant sleep.. =___= why its only me who didnt sleep yet? wake for 3days.. then sleep for 3hours only.. am i monster or maybe alien? even monster and alien know their sleep time.. hmmm..

i hate my bro.. i'll help him a lot without saying anything... but he keep talking bad bout me.. and sumthng i didnt do.. hey.. watch ur mouth! im not playing game 24/7 like u said.. i help ur fb game highscore.. and u got no1 from thousand of ur friend.. and when u call just now, im still googling.. searching for kimono shop in malaysia.. i didnt have visa like all of u.. so i cant buy it online.. so please la.. i need to googling.. all my belongings u use without permission... then u just throw it without knowing that was my precious.. i dont wanna talk anymore.. coz u make me sick..

hmmm.. chat with sam, mie and new friend.. we talk bout morning musume.. gazette.. then bout kimono.. XD IDC.. this raya i must wear kimono.. XD


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