hmmm.. now feel like crazy one... so like other day.. i keep accompany my brother.. and yan said he at my place.. and it have been week.. and he said many bad things bout me.. im wif my brother.. and he msg and said boleh berkenalan.. i know its him.. but im not sure what should i do.. then i said.. im single.. but not available.. my heart belongs to sum1 that doesnt belong to me.. if only he know how to read in english... i never said bad bout him.. but he keep insulting me.. and i just too ego to take down my pride..

i've just message wif my school friend.. they too kind.. but i keep avoiding them.. why im always like this? mida show me the real pain.. and i wish i strong enought just like her.. and sam said.. no matter what yan slander me.. she will always believe me.. she know who i am.. but she doesnt know.. i really in love with yan n joey... i wish for both.. they brought me different feeling.. but same meaning.. since yan broke my heart.. i'll choose joey 99%hmmm.. hey.. im not playing with their feeling.. i didnt couple in the same time.. =__=

why need to attack my page? i dont know why he should do that... ill try to be like he said.. but nothing.. and he keep say bad things.. but joey never ask me to do anything i hate... maybe for now.. i just cant think anything.. wanna have break.. nite.. i love him so much.. please say im sorry for make this feeling hard to understand..i wish hes mine.. but hes belong to his family.. and they wouldnt let u wif me..


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