crazy day n my grandma

huh.. why i call it as crazy day? coz last night i didnt sleep coz my mom ask to ready b4 6.30am... we need to arrive ss25 before 7am.. then 7.30am from shah alam to ipoh.. my mom drive 140-160km/h... we need reach there fast... need to check my grandma.. didnt i told u before? maybe i forgot to type that..

actually my grandma got cardiomegaly.. thats mean heart swollen.. (bengkak jantung) when i look at her, i remember the time she raised me until i've got job.. then i moved out and left her.. live with my mom.. just a few month, she fall sick and cant get up.. i really miss the time we play together.. then she teach me how to paint a beautiful flower... every single flower have its own story.. and they cant b separate with my grandma.. shes must b upset since when we grow up, we always busy with our own world...

everytime i see my shirt, my bag.. i remember her.. she used to shopping with me.. she choose my shirt.. sumtime she paid for me.. im alone now... i miss my grandma.. when will u back to our home? now she stay at my aunt house.. at ipoh.. i want to say i love her just like i love my mom.. but i still cant choose any of u.. coz both of u really mean to me...

i miss my grandma..


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