post in n out.. XD

wow... long time didnt update my blog.. everything change.. and i dont know how to post.. XD actually more sad story than happy ending.. well.. its always happen in ur life.. if u feel sad, just remember ur not alone... im right beside u.. not beside ur BODY... beside ur heart.. coz i cant enter if u didnt open it for me..

its feel annoying when people treat u like u r his/her bestfriend but they dont even know u.. but when others that u believe in, talk bad at ur back.. its more hurt.. believe me coz i knew how it feel..
my love story? im not sure whether i've got sum1 special or not.. in this few months many things happen..

i met sum1 that make my heart race... and when i fall to him.. he let me go.. i cant understand.. who he think he is? hes the one who said will love me.. but just go when i really in love.. and every guy told the same.. but i believe what girl believe.. guy only like u when u got sumthng they want..

anyway enjoy ur day.. ^__^ and hopefully everyone will get their true love.. to my fb friend.. since sum1 try to sabotage me.. i've delete my old fb acc... but dont worry.. i've got new acc.. ^__^

Dance, dance, until I fall asleep I dance
The tears that do not stop.
Every time I close my heart, telling myself that there is nothing there, it is about to wither.
To the dream that has become thin, I sing once more.
If you will answer that sadness is only oneself, 
It's okay if I get hurt

"Good bye" is blooming on the dream that is supposed to end.


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