back to single feelings...

well.. my bad coz using my broken bahasa.. he thought that i didnt like him and think that he such a big liar and womaniser.. well i never said that.. and i never mean that.. i dont know where should i write all bout my feeling.. i thought that hes the one but now.. finally i wake up from my sweet dream..

i dont know how i should write it.. got fever suddenly.. and cant breathe at all.. yea, he never know since i never tell him bout my blog and i cant tell him.. coz too much secret..he make me love him, he stole my heart and he leave me.. he said just let him die but didnt he remember sumthing bout my words? if hes the one who will die tomorrow, then thats not him, but me, coz im willing to replace him as im not like others.. i cant do anything.. and im usefull...

stupid! i just fall in love with u.. cant u see my tears? of coz u cant, ur blind to see my heart..why i cant write in malay language? why i never get A or B for bm test? i cant write many piece words but still i cant use it in my words.. i try to practice my bm every single day.. but then i still cant write it.. ai.. i wish u were here to transslate my feeling towards him..

i got chat messages, but from his friend.. he throw away his lappy, then thats mean he hate me just like he hate his lappy.. why i said that? coz he didnt want to see me anymore.. and everything make him remember bout me.. how did i know? coz i see him using my heart.. not my eyes.. and i feel everything using my sense... well thats okay.. i had fever now.. so better sleep.. i just wish tomorrow never comes since im too afraid to wake up from yesterday dreams..

im in love wif u fool!!


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