lovely days

heee.. why i said lovely? well yesterday, i tried to call him.. but didnt talk anything. then after saying hello for 3 times... he end the call.. then that night i sms him said "awak kalau marah jangan lama-lama nanti saya rindu. sori ek, mula dari 0-0" then he said, he just tension coz too much work and didnt get enought rest. he said he will send me msg when he finish his works.. but ill wait till no more night.. TT~TT but then 2pm just now i call him.. he just back.. he said, he miss my voice... i said his fault suddenly got mad at me till both of us miss each other voice..

i dont know how long he can hear my voice.. suddenly i remember koe wo kikasete.. in english let me hear your voice, well i dont know why he too fanatical my voice.. XD crazy meyh? when will all this end? how long i have to wait? sometimes im just too worried coz im not sure if he okay or not..

then just now i just write all his messages.. actually not all.. just half.. errr.. continue after this.. but i will finish it.. actually still on page.. hehe.. hey forgot, just now i know one secret from my bro.. big secret which my family keep asking me bout him.. since he keep telling me everything he do. and he believe in me.. but still its wrong.. should i keep it as secret or tell the truth? but i love my bro.. i cant let anything happen to him.. TT~TT im too stupid to make decission..


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