love story..

well.. pagi semalam.. he send request open relationship at my FB acc.. ingat saje-saje..then i just approve it.. but after sometimes.. i ask him.. kenapa send request tu? simple je answer dia.. "saya suka suara awak.. tak lena tidur kalau tak dengar" sengal!!! haha.. but then feel funny and laugh all by myself.. eh forget.. dia rakam suara shiro taw.. huhu..malunya.. gediik je rase suara tu..even fad pun dengar dah... jahat la diorang..

he keep calling me for hours.. and this morning..she call me and wait till i fell asleep.. ^////^ but not like all of you think..hes not sweet at all.. coz he keep saying... tak best la tido sorang.. tak ada kawan nak bertumbuk... sengal.. then he said.. i should listen to him otherwise makan sup kaki.. jahat right? TT~TT then dia cakap basuh kaki dia cepat.. well.. i just said.. "if like this i think u should find the one that can listen to ur order.." hehe..

umur? well.. actually first he keep saying 47.. but now he said 20.. coz he really 20.. still nak panggil dia pakcik je rasanya..XD but HH pun ada hantar wallpost untung la ada orang sayang.. then i just reply.. well dulu ngorat die, die yang tak nak.. hehe.. then kak faizah cakap dia jual mahal..actually memang tak pernah pun cakap dekat HH.. coz he said BFF.. how come i bear to lose him as friend.. plus rasanya tak salah cuba mencintai orang yang ikhlas right.. im just a girl that need love.. not to love others..

then i just talk with abang azzam.. he keep saying.. jangan couple lama-lama.. tak elok.. well were not couple. we just in an open relationship. then just get married..hehe well.. not sure if he think like that..coz now i keep feeling bored and waiting for my phone to rang.. TT^TT

he just cast a spell.. well should i type the spell? hmm.. let it be a secret.. then he said he didnt like calling sayang but then he keep call me like that..errr.. i just use name or saya awak.. coz feel awkward... next week hes going to kedah.. no more time for me.. he said he will miss me.. but i dont think so.. maybe he will find someone that made for him.. and im not good enough for him... im just too afraid that he leave me like takiya.. it hurts me more.. what did i do to him until he leave me without saying anything.. he left me hanging..tought that i wont fall.. but now.. near to fall in love land.. help me to stop love anyone before im sure hes mine..

shiro chiyo miss gloomy that need a sun to shine the moon.. and to make star alive.. love me but f=dont hurt me.. its pain and i cant hold it anymore..


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