burden for my angel..

first story, i just try this contest.. just like miss who got more like or love.. but then i see everyone got more liker than me.. ya i know all their friend who votes... but then still hate it.. its not fair.. if im wear like them i can win too.. okay fine.. im jealous.. not that i hate it.. im jealous coz im not good in promoting my vote.. XD

second story.. today too, i got other contest.. teka teki also known as quiz...oh before i forgot, kak el ask me whether we should go 4 gelanggang or not.. ya, coz 9jun their going to pahang.. like usual..demo.. eh of coz i say yes... i really miss that place,.. since i left gelanggang, i never meet takiya anymore... really miss his smile...

3rd story. ya still got story..this one i thought wanna use malay but then im afraid got too many mistake.. since im not good in lingua,, one boy (of coz not my bro) he call his mom asking for money.. but then his mom said she had no money.. so he keep saying ************** too much too type.. plus must b censored.. then he keep saying dont let that B***H ask bout him, and if he dies dont she (his mom) ever dare to step or see his graveyard.. how come he said like that.. i always wish my mom will always b with me, coz she my heaven.. my angel... shes my everything...

and last story since all of u must b tired reading my bad english.. im still in bad condition..my illness just came back.. welcome sick papai my health.. huhu.. maybe coz im too worried about everything and think too much.. please dont pressure me..im too scared wif everything... everyone keep blaming each other.. they keep telling that teen like me just a burden.. but no matter what.. i cant say they a burden.. coz i really cant live without them... please dont say im a burden..


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