story again and again

ehem2..a very good morning to... (sorry.. wrong speech) hello, well.. actually what should i write yea? hmm too much pressure at kapel.. got girl with name sumaiyah, but she speaks just like ***** why i said that? coz he use rude words and she said that she wont ask for forgiveness from others.. then i just can said, its up to her, not my problem if she got sins with other for talking bad. and she said many thing bout me.. but my Arissa save me. just everyone keep asking me to remove arissa as admin. sshe banned that girl.

then i admin page curang back.. coz beby said fad gonna to dismiss that page.. i cant let it.. coz it his first page.. plus he the one who used to help me before.. and yan.. he call me.. and ask me to sing a song.. of coz i didnt.. XD

and haziq.. he seems like not the same haziq that i used to story before.. his word more tooo depressive.. really worried bout him.. hey! not bcoz i like him before, just he my bff okay.. he always with me when im sad.. anything happen? i dont know.. wish all d best for him..

then ah seng.. he the one who make me think.. am i still kids? errr.. he said "musang! kau xtitow lg kew? esk xskola kew?" wif gedix spelling die tnye.. TT~TT hey im 18.. and im not old coz u d one who 5 years more olders than me.. oh indahnya bahasa..XD he thought that im same wif clement..


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