bad bad day

really stress.. everything not smooth today.. keep fight wif all of them.. first my friend kitkat.. i fight wif him coz he cheat me n say bad things till hurt me.. then everyone really annoying me.. n ariel accuse me say he saw me wif qbayy sitting together.. grrr.. he really make me mad.. n qbayy.. he shud reject my team invitation if he already do.. waste all.. grrrrrrrrr.... now i really hate them..

ok i know my fault.. bout qbayy yes its my fault.. but others problem all start from them.. well i told u its normal if im act like small kid but not all of u.. i admit im still small.. not like u.. already almost 13.,. still fighting wif kids like me.. grrrrrrrrrrr...

and my mom.. she really addict to bowling now.. maybe thats good.. atleast she got sumthng to do other than sleep n driving.. better that way.. me? well.. who say i dont have activity.. mine better.. everyday i chat n typing.. but lately i feel its like b4.. im sick again.. i dont know why.. but i realize sumthng.. im skinny than b4.. yea ao said i look more fad coz she didnt see me for a long time.. but daidai n ao bro said im more slim now.. actually my face too.. not chubby like b4.. im blood vomit again.. hmmm.. actually i already know why this happen.. but i duno why its hard for me to accept that.. its from my mom.. my illness from my mom..

my blood not like others.. n ive got lungs problem.. its hard to tell u this.. coz i actually dont understand what its mean.. i dont want to hear what they said that time.. coz it make me feel how useless i am.. cant protect myself.. normal if im faint.. normal if anythings happen.. lately i almost faint n shaking everytime i sad o mad... b4 only shaking.. if i mad i will faint... if i cry my head feel almost explode...

this blog already like my diary... but diary that i dont tell others d bad most bad things happen to me.. n d most big sin i ever do... am i pretender? pretend to b angel.. n pretend like no one try to kill me.. they do more bad than killing me;.. n i do more bad things than killing others..


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