grrrr... my teeth.. >_< baru nak dewasa chi ni.. hehe.. kenapa? alkisahnye camni.. beberapa bulan lepas tumbuh gigi bongsu atas dah 2.. ok cool... now dari semalam sakit gile sebab gigi bawah plak tumbuh.. yang sebab makan kacang la ni... dah effect.. pasni xmo makan yang keras2..

owh yea.. we didnt skype yesterday.. shud i write his name? not good calling him a clone.. maybe he looks almost like taeyang.. but a bit diff.. only his serious face looks same.. btw.. his name Ariel.. i cant tell his real name here =P how if he type his name n found this.. >__< but yesterday he pm me.. he said he love me so much.. he even told it at world chat.. do u think he know my blog? waaaaa... ( my teeth still hurts.. brrr)

quite difficult actually.. all my fault.. i shud not fall in love so easily... i cant resist sweet words n its trap me in this condition.. always.. but i know.. ariel bit hurt reading what i post to fb... if u dont love her.. dontsay u love her n if u cant keep promise dont make a promise.. wew.. but at fortuna he still kidding.. he said he want 100 babies... im not babies factory.. grrr... then he said please give 3 babies that have same eyes wif him... >__< OME~~~ what shud i do... i know thats normal words.. but it really effect my heart..

why almost every guy i met love sweet talking.. but ariel.. he keep calling me princess n d only one said im matured.. see.. im not kids.. wew.. my heart cant stop thinking this lyrics.. "Dont wanna break ur heart.. wanna give ur heart a break.." what shud i do? brrrr... idk why this happen.. grrrr... nvm.. tell more later..


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