stop it.. idiot qbayy.. keep playing my char yesterday said i love u qbayy.. hey thats not me.. i didnt say that.. stop it.. its not a joke.. im really afraid this will turn more bad.. ariel.. dont misunderstand wif me.. stop sulking.. i didnt mean anything.. waaaaaaaaaaa i just wanna shout now.. please anyone.. just kill me..

mmy neighbour kill himself last night.. coz he fough wif his wife n then his wife run from home.. n he kill himself.. -_- indian.. forget it..

hey my idiot prince.. please c0me fast.. my heart already full of scars n wound..stars.. im wishing HE is my prince.. i cant promise him 100 babies like he want.. but i will grow old wif him.. i cant promise ill b angel for him.. but he will always b my beast... i really think my beast will come for me even im not belle.. hey u promise will come for me.. n we will get married.. or is that just a lie? im tired hear that.. but when u say that i keep hoping for that.. i keep dreaming u this 3 days... every night i dream bout weird..

n i keep writting n typing coz u.. i really want u now.. i hope i can ignore u n forget u.. but too hard..


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