feel so cold tonight.. i cant sleep anymore.. its really hurt me.. how stvpid i am.. i shud stop believing what guy promise.. this joke is d worse thing happen to me.. qbayy right i shud not easily believe in others.. but he hurt me first.. now ariel.. yea thats ur ex... so sweet u can hug n kiss her.. share same ring.. now u set all ur fb full of ur photo wif her.. thx b4.. im off my skype now..

dont worry.. ill forget all this soon.. i told u.. im used to it.. no guys sincere n honest wif me... u know why i never say i love u to any guy? coz this will happen.. d love have lose its meaning.. u regret know d real me? yea.. im more crazy than u know.. n FYI im more regret knowing u.. if i know u will keep telling a lie.. i will stay away from u.. u really idiot.. u hate me call that? but thats what u looks like.. u dont know d meaning of love.. its not just to have fun n make love.. but trust and loyal to each other..

if u love me u wont do that...
if u love me u wont cheat on me..
if u love me u will never accused me..
if u love me u will never doubt me..
if u love me u wont hurt me..
if u love me u wont say u will leave me..
unless tomorrow is d end of ur life...

(feel more irrittating.. bro can u go away n stop asking me? n stop making sound when u eat..)

really stress n tired now..... hey? why all guy i met n know keep cheating on me? sometimes i feel better didnt get married coz guy never honest when wif me... (stop it bro.. dont mess wif me now) lazy to type coz my bro.. but for u ariel arandia.. thx 4 ur fake love..


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