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its really hard to take care everyone heart.. yea im crying now.. i cant lie my canvas..my ex keep calling but i didnt answer.. mrB calling too.. but i didnt answer it too.. n now.. ariel jealous wif qbayy again.. i saw him wif his LOVER... n ariel saw me wif qbayy.. all too complicated.. im really stress.. wif 2 indo ppl in game so fanatic n creating war.. im not saying bout country.. but this 2 ppl.. coz even indo ppl in this game hate them.. thats mean they really have soul problem.. n think i said bad things bout them when i said, go pray now coz ive done n im more calm n didnt mad like crazy ppl.. wew.. i know when im mad really like crazy ppl.. shouting alone.. so im just asking that..

but d most funny things they call everyone dogs n idiot.. but actually they r d idiot.. coz they cant understand english.. n shouting alone when no one answer.. silly right?

waaaaaaaaa... please smile.. my heart.. please dont beat like this.. its really hurt.. grrr.. dont love him or any guy now.. please heart listen to me.. u avoid qbayy b4 coz he married.. so its not possible to avoid ariel.. soon he will marry his girl.. please wake up.. theres no love for me.. maybe got.. but maybe he already die.. coz till now he didnt spawn yet.. only that i can think..wew.. i just recover.. now my fever back again.. feel dizzy..

atleast i never lie like u ariel.. when i saw u wif ur spouse at fb.. u said she just ex.. but she said she is ur gf.. when u say u duno she change ur fb cover n dp.. i know u lie.. coz u like that pic n she comment it.. if she change it.. she wont talking wif herself there.. n when u say u love me i know thats not true.. coz if u love me.. u wont treat me like this.. u duno bout me too.. i saw u happy wif ur 2 gf there.. so u dont need 3rd gf or u will b more troubled..coz im d trouble maker..

what wif my heart? its not important.. coz i believe 1 day.. my prince will come n take me away from all this.. even 10000 girls flirting he will said im d only one.. i believe that.. feel like ive heard it b4... but not from my prince.. ariel used to said that.. but only 1 time.. n im sure his girl didnt online that time.. nvm.. ill search sum1 who willing to do that for me.. n ill wait d guy who really sincere n honest wif me.. n sum1 who didnt love me coz my face.. im tired wif all compliment.. always bout my appearance.. not my inner..

in this time i really cant think anything except qbayy words.. find sum1 in my real life who will bring happiness.. n ariel shud thanks to qbayy.. if qbayy didnt scold me.. ariel wont have a chance to b wif me.. even just for short time.. thats girl heart.. if u throw it n other ppl take it n take care.. u will lose that heart.. n maybe sum1 will take my heart.. for sure i dont want sum1 from my past.. coz they already dissapoint me..

if i can choose.. i just want honest guy that will love me n take care me till my last breath.. he will patience when im mad.. n he will never leave me.. he will comfort me when im cry.. n he will b my imam n guidance.. is it too much?


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