crazy love

hmm.. i never thought everything gonna change.. yesterday i remove joey... then at midnight.. i've got call from stranger.. he ask can we b friends.. then only i know.. fik.. =__= how stupid are u.. giving my number to ur cousin.. but thats ok... coz i forgot his name.. dont tell him.. so i used him as SS.. XD  SS call me using his number till his last credit without know sumthng.. he can use super savers.. =__="

then he call me using fik number..  then he topup and call me till 4am.. IDK how much credit it cost.. coz at 3rd time call.. he forgot to use supersavers.. actually fik scold me yesterday.. he said.. i should find sum1 better than yan.. actually i forgot to tell him im back wif yan.. plus today fik say sorry coz give my number to SS.. actually i didnt mind.. coz SS make me laugh all night.. XD i didnt cheat my fan ok.. i already told SS n A (my fb friend) that i got yan.. but they keep saying that they really love me n if yan leave me they will take yan place.. they got similarity.. 3 of them like the way i talk.. but i really hate the way i talk.. like a kid.. keep giving fact that i read from sumwhere n story bout disney, sanrio and bandai.. =__= and my habit words.. they keep saying that im different..

ok fine.. not every girl have the same sense.. n i already told them.. they got good job, and they can find sum1 better than me.. sum1 that cute, that really love them.. n the most important.. sum1 that not others girlfriends.. SS really touch my heart.. he keep saying he will wait no matter what.. IDK how to stop him from loving me.. it might hurt him.. im stuck.. i dont wanna hurt any1 like before.. its enough.. if sum1 need to b hurt.. let it b me.. im too afraid sumthing will happen.. yan said.. he change a lot bcoz of me.. so i cant leave him althought he flirting wif other girl..

i hate this feeling.. im hurting everyone.. not only them.. maybe other girl.. that really love them.. im sorry.. i hope my life would end so no one will get hurt.. im NOT pretty.. and i NOT perfect.. so please.. leave me.. i cant b wif u guys while yan still need me...


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