sore throat...

huhu.. sakit tekak.. tak berhenti batuk muntah daarah.. TT~TT last night my friend call me n said ur voice like nuri.. how dare he said me like that.. huhu.. yea he really nice.. but dont know why he still not married.. maybe waiting for the right one~~

then after tired msg wif mr B.. i ask him to call me.. he really worried bout me when keep hearing my cough.. sorry.. i told him im ok.. but he didnt believe me.. not like yan.. everytime i told yan im not well.. he will said.. when i go to ur house, u r fine n plz dont b childish... im still hurt.. mrB said "my mom send her regards.. XD n my aunt said ur cute.." domo arigatou~~ **blushing**

his mom ask him where did he met me.. n he said its a secret.. ok fine~~ i know its not normal thing.. just like when i met yan in fb.. ok3.. what should i write now? hmmm.. yan keep spying me.. how did i know? my neighbour said, she saw him... ok fine.. i hate to say this.. but please remember what u told me before.. u will never believe me.. even if i die.. u will never believe n u never know me.. n u feel glad.. happy.. if im not here anymore.. u will make party if i die! dont u remember? try to remind it.. i wish u see this post.. no matter what.. sum1 tell him my blog links.. i wish he read this.. opppss... sorry.. i almost forgot that u cant even write in english... n how can u understand my fail english?


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