please stop hurting my heart

i admit.. its all my fault.. coz too stupid.. its not ur fault.. sorry yan.. everyone said ur d bad one n i should not ask u to forgive me.. but its me who always said bad things  bout u.. n bout the picture in disco.. he said.. its all from google.. n he didnt go out wif any other girls.. i didnt check google yet.. coz im too afraid to know what really happen.. he the one who left me.. he should not!!!

now im trapped in this situation.. i love yan.. but i cant leave mr B just like that.. its really hurt.. i cant take it anymore.. i wish for yan.. but im too afraid if he will leave me again... 30 times he left me.. just imagine how stupid i am.. i miss him.. i really miss him.. but i should stop hurting myself... wuaaaaa!!! how if they met each other and began to fight..? Mr B said he would not fight back if that happen.. but i know yan will beat him no matter what.. yan never think before do anything..

mrB.. u just tooooooo sweet for me.. my cotton candy.. my strawberry.. but i still cant forget yan.. how long will u wait..? I'm afraid you're gonna hurt.. but just dont leave me.. no matter what.. coz i cant go back to yan.. or i might hurt again.. anyway.. know what.. mrB said he want to buy couple ring for me.. but better not i said.. coz i didnt wear that things.. =__=" then he said, how bout couple watch.. watch huh? i cant wear it too.. the one that bubus (bos) love to wear.. XD n when he reach home he will msg me.. "eqa, mie teramek jam eqa" XD hehe.. 

back to story.. then mrB ask.. how bout teddy bear.. errrk... yea i want it!! but better not.. i know.. every guy couple wif me or ask me for a date coz they want my money.. but yan never ask my money.. mrB? dont know.. we never go for a date.. =P


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