why i always  check his fb..? i meant yan... i hate to see his name still in relationship with my 2nd fb acc... but if  he remove our relationship.. maybe it will hurt me more.. yan, do u really love me? care bout me? but why did u left me? sorry. i know i was mean to u.. n now.. i cant b like before begging for ur heart.. im wif mrB..

mrB? he treat me well.. just like a princess.. but i dont know how long it can last.. hmmm... now im boycott my fb.. XD why?
  1. i always stalk his fb everytime i on9...
  2. my neighbour n yan fought at my wall..
  3. im afraid one day when he wif other girls.. i would cry in front of him..
OMA~~ im wif mrB now.. so please stop thinking bout sum1 that never believe in me!!! sum1 that accused me for sumthing that i didnt do... i know its my fault.. when they said they love me n i said wanna b friend.. i know i should avoid them.. but FYI... i cant hate them just bcoz u feel jealous towards them... i call everyone sayang when im mad.. when i try to teach them.. n i didnt call u sayang coz u got sumthng that i didnt call others!!!

okay.,.. what else? yea.. i see kuro update.. =__=" jealous wif her english,, i wrote this blog like diary that i didnt write anything.. but kuro punya ayat macam english novel.. XD ao? yea i did see her blog too.. comment? no im afraid to comment anything~~ just kidding..


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