why im so stubborn? i should stop loving him.. yesterday he mad at me.. he ask for my fb email n password.. i told him.. its auto sign up.. but he didnt believe me.. i told him.. kuro d only one know my password... n he call me stupid *****.. i told him... all my email, my friends email, n yan auto sign in..

B said he really like me.. but i cant love him like yan.. maybe coz hes not my type.. he treat me well.. but yan know how to attach me.. hmmm..i dont know.. i should end my story wif yan.. coupling for 30 times.... n only last for 2 days.. we already broke up for 30 times...

my heart.. why its so hurt... mr B.. sorry even he leave me again n again.. i still cant say i want 2 b wif u... i know.. i already made promise that i wont leave u.. but i didnt mean it... u know i had a fight wif him right? but once i promise even thats not what i want... ill do that.. thats better right? u said i should let the happiness find me right? n u promise will wait till i forget yan... yan didnt love me anymore.. everything wrong.. even how i dress up seems wrong to him.. i cant wear like his scandal or "ADIK ANGKAT".. for me adik angkat n scandal got same meaning.. coz still calling others bf as abang..

yea.. his sis? hmm.. wearing sumthng that really short n some didnt wear anything... is that adik? u call me stupid.. how bout u? calling "CYUNK" wif all girls.. flirting here n there.. then say.. no la.. thats my friend gf.. what ur stupid friends gf calling u abang sayang? hmmm... do u really love me yan? u never believe in me.. everything i do.. just make me look stupid.. i know im not pretty or sexy nor cute.. but thanks for leave me 30 times...

know what..? i hurt many people bcoz of u.. i keep all secret by myself.. n its like im gonna die.. but kuro n Mr B said.. no matter what.. they will never leave me... n i do believe in kuro.. but mrB... a guy will leave a girl once that girl said.. i love sum1 else.. am i right? coz that his promise.. B said.. he will stay as long as i still love him.. but i didnt love him... IDK!!! help me.. im dying just to b wif yan that never appreciate me..


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