kekuro chachan

i miss him so much.. but hes not mine anymore.. i should stop.. but i keep remembering him... just now i got call from sum1 that need my statement bout yan.. sory.. i wont give it whatever u gonna do.. i didnt mind.. n if u threatening me.. i can report u back ok..

hmmm... then kuro.. terharu gile la.. she call me just wanna ask.. "are u ok? i just read ur blog.." OMA~~ yea.. im not really ok.. coz u my real BFF! when i hide sumthing.. u know it.. but u keep acting like u dont know anything!! i hate u kuro!! i hate u so much coz u really understand me.. i hate that i cant lie to u... u my bff... from d day i meet u till d end of our life...i really cant hate u like i told u.. TT~TT i should not keep any secret from her.. coz she always know what happen.. she just need me to tell her first..

thx kuro.. keep calling me today.. i know u reading my blog.. so i just wanna say "jangan perasan ok.. i hate u.. =P" hmmm.. but u know kuro.. i really love yan.. i think so.. but i cant go back wif him.. i hope so..


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