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how many days i didnt update? its ok la... doesnt matter right? plus im not MIA~~ just got sum (some = my shortform la~~) prob... so many things happen in this few days... first.. yan change his fb password... n i know what it meant... i already see that pic... he hangout at disco, wif other girls... n drunk.. n yesterday he send me msg... he said im d reason why he back to his old life... n he really hate me.. he said, he will throw his phone if i didnt give the right answer he wanna hear..

yesterday.. i hangout wif kuro.. plus this is d 3rd day i didnt have any voice... XD first we hangout at pkns, pas n sacc... from 12pm-2pm.. XD that time i got my voice back... so mrB said.. hey.. da ok pulak suara.. XD then back to kuro house... then i got msg from my family.. my bro injured coz sum1 beat him up... i walk from kuro house till my grandma house.. its hurt me.. stupid jaja.. he told her bro.. my bro ask him to do bad things.. hey!! its u d one who wanna do it.. i know my bro.. forget that..

then kuro back to my house... coz at night, we need to go to open house.. that not really house.. =___= itu khemah la!!! bkn rumah terbuka!! okay finee~~ but dorang asyik kutuk suara... wuaaa.. wuaaa... ape la suara ni.. before we go.. lagi la kelam kabut.. disaster in 1 sec.. XD know what? suddenly i lost my voice.. n i wear pink kebarung.. but mrB said to kuro.. ask shiro to change her clothes.. wear blue colour baju kurung.. hey!!!! i didnt have any.. so i just wear my jubah.. how dare he ask me to change in last minute.. he didnt say it earlier... woaaaa... mr B... said at first.. he will come wif his friend.. so they gonna b 3.. but then kuro ans.. sum1 yell.. n i know there only one guy that will shout.. fik!!! XD

they said they come wif kancil.. actually not.. its new saga.. wuaaa.. so stupid la u guys... ok.. yea im not feeling well.. coz i always got vision.. n i see kuro in my mind.. its hurt me... i know sumthng make kuro feel anxious.. they're ok.. but not their friends.. ok sori.. but thats what i feel.. then fik n d other boy.. keep asking.. "Kuro, did u have bf.." XD kuro so cute la u... since kuro said she already wif sum1 else.. fik make a joke.. asking mrB to flirt kuro n let him b wif me.. =__=" why suddenly im involve in this things??? but i like mrB answer.. gf cant b bluetooth or infrared.. n he wanna make me his wife.. XD cant b bluetooth? yea sure.. thx mr B~~

we reach home at 12pm.. no plus minit or second.. good job.. XD erk.. mrB drive ok.. so never think anything.. ^__^ anyway thx 4take me out... domo arigatou~~


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