im really tired now.. wake up in d morning.. then go to workshop check out my granpa car.. then visit my grandma.. n send toksu back.. yea..then when reach home.. ariel keep mad n sulking wif me.. n qbayy didnt online..

when i visit toksu house.. its really hurt me.. see this hen didnt go wif other.. still sitting there.. didnt move.. didnt eat almost  a month.. i know coz it didnt move.. n when we move it, it will cry n mad.. losing all her egg sure its really painful.. see other hen wif their kids... then we do bbq.. many cats try to steal it.. >_< wew.. wait there.. still hot.. after that taking bath at river..

but maybe too tired.. i didnt enjoy like b4.. keep sleeping in car.. n when reach home i open my id just to see him.. but nothing.. ariel keep say im wif qbayy.. hey.. he didnt online.. n he say i always wif qbayy when hes not around.. am i? ok im sorry i lie.. i love qbayy too maybe..but coz he already married.. i start to avoid him n try not to see that.. i know it will hurt d one who near me.. but its too hard.. i really want ariel in same time.. coz i fall in love wif him at first.. b4 i know his game..

he said hes hurt coz me.. then im more hurt wif his game.. okay let me tell u.. UR EX at ur fb relationship? wow.. so close u r still can call each other baby.. n can say both of u will get married.. then ur charm..she still say both of u will get married soon.. wow.. how many girls u gonna married now? i tot u said in ur country only allow u to marry wif 1 girl.. and u said if u can marry 4 u still dont want right? now whos really hurt? me or u? its really mean..

i told u.. 1 step will change everything.. 1 step u flirt me.. u know u will lose ur 2 gf.. maybe u got more.. n 1 step more u really melt my heart.. but not anymore.. u keep hurt me.. i really miss that old time..when everyone just stranger.. n i cant remember who they r..

im sorry my dear.. but like other said.. we cant b together.. how can i make ur wife sad? if im hurt by knowing other ppl wif my lover.. how she feel when know his husband cheat on her? its really stressed me out.. why i cant get normal relationship.. when theres no fighting.. no tri-love.. im not pretty like other girls.. im not kind like others.. why all of u need to say love me.. im not wishing for that.. i just want sum1 that will love me till im die.. sum1 that will take care of me n we will grow old together.. sum1 that always make me calm.. really tired now..


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