boss sengal..

today im not gonna write about myself.. XD but bout my boss.. silly guy, he stalk my blog... how dare he do that... hmm.. b4 this he scared me wif insect.. and of coz like usual.. sulking is my hobby... he said hard to convince me... haha... now who is d boss.. errrr... (tak boleh tulis lebih2.. nanti dia marah)

then he switched off d light when im still in toilet.. haiya.. im still afraid of the dark.. hmmm.. sumtimes i feel like chu is alive.. why? coz boss just like chu.. but chu version naughty guy. XD yaa.. chu more gentle.. although he always make me sick wif his i love u word.. =__= boss different way.. he wink and that make me remember chu.. XD wanna laugh but at d same time feel scared.. dont know why..

but they got equality.. both care bout others.. im telling d truth.. hmmm.. this mornink he send me msg wake up.. time to work.. then i told aziz.. he said.. why didnt he get any msg.. XD aziz touching.. haha..


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