canvas of love...

hey... im back for another story.. hmm... actually i fought wif my bf.. he said im cheating and all i do just play with other guy.. hey, thats soooo not true... how dare him said that.. and when i ask him to think bout what he said and he always hurt me.. then he said sorry.. so simple.. sorry to say this, but i really hate when he treat me like this... im not a robot that doesnt have any feeling and cant hurt by words.. even robot in artificial art can b hurt by words,, why not me??

hmmm.. then bout H.. remember bout him? hehe.. he call me my sweet heart.. isnt that sweet? well.. but i dont have any feeling towards him after the incident... XD but feel like, awww.. he soo cute...can i lock him in my room?? just kiddy..

erk... others than that are still not for public story... XD hmmm.... what else?hehe... now im at cc with my friend aka boss.. i told yani bout boss.. first she said shes jealous.. then when i said hes like my big bro.. so she just said.. nthg 2 b jealous.. one more.. my biological bro.. he such a problematic guy.. he keep open every link...and pooff.. got virus aka post that send link... errr.. cant said what.. >///< **blushing**

dont know what else.. so we stop here again.. well... ill try to write as much as i can and what i remember.. XD to yani.. chaiyok... ganbatte kudasai... get ur senior heart.. to kuro.. please... pick up ur phone please.. sammy.. miss u a lot.. get bf fast.. el chan.. misu anata... dont forget to invite me when ur getting engage wif that guy...


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