ERRR... why sound like that? huhu.. actually boss and aziz read my entry.. how did i know? yesterday.... aziz send me a msg.. he ask.. "xde cerita aku ke?" haha... welll no comment.. hehe... actually i wrote it.. just not much as bosss... all they're fault.. when i ak for a pasta.. one of them said.. im on date now.. how dare he go for a date while im suffering with my habit... i waaaaannntt it soooo much (=oo=)

hmmm... now im not at home... why? coz my manager said, "ika, ur not allowed to go back till boss ask u to.. why? coz actually im the one who should ot.. then we ask boss... so he said, he will if i stay if him.. now im trapped at there... why im the one who trapped in my own request? chiya!!! chibi!!! help meee..... huk3... wanna go back... miss all of u alot.. they try to bullying me..

what else? hmmm.... haaa!! remember now... today our store get free cadbury.. XD errr... dont have much time.. need to go back to my boss.. XD here i come... silap.. back eh? hehe..


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