help me!!!

errr.. hehe.. unique isnt it? what? i mean the title unique.. not the one who read this text.. xP hehe.. well.. today.. work wif boss n aziz.. many things happen.. 1st, b4 going down, i saw baad mom.. she said, "hai makwe, pergi kerja ke.." haiya.. this is d 2nd time she call me makwe.. then after our manager back me n aziz searching 4 sumthng.. hmmm... what? when u hungry u will search this.. XD hehe..

but they promise me, they will take me for pasta.. XD cant wait.. really miss d taste of pasta... errr.. but not everything going smooth n manageable like sunsilk yoko yamashita.. one of our workers said got sumtng on my head... then know what.. its a bug.. at first i just throw it and shout silently... but boss.. he take it and gave it to me.. so i scream aloud and cried at d moment... huhu.. chiya!!! help me.. i feel kinda scared as it remind me bout that thing.. i killed it 10 times.. but its still alive n hunting me.. and this thing will hunt me.. i know.. TT^TT

 also got funny story.. not so funny but feel like.. aww gosh.. he made it.. XD abg burger.. im not ordering yet.. that time i go wif ain.. then sddenly he said, burger benjo cheese xnak sayur + tomato.. gosh.. he really gonna get from me.. just choose right or left.. =P but still got wrong.. if b salad.. now he gave me chilli sauce not d tomatoes.. ok la.. time 4 gamee...eee...eee... (eeeee  fever)


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