really hate this kind of feeling.

i hate this feeling... i try to free my scheduled for my friend that i always said BFF but they cant free it for me.. and for how long i type this.. everything deleted by it owns!! im gonna smash this lappy if this is mine.. lucky i borrow it from my bro.. they never think bout me..why did el told me they back.. it smash my heart.. its ok.. i wont ask them to meet me anymore.. i wish kak ain still work wif us.. but what can i do.. its all my fault.. i should think and find idea how can she stay here. but i didnt do anything to protect her... hope aziz n boss wont leave me like she does.. TT~TT i didnt have any friend except kak ain, aboy boss n aziz.. mida MIA too..

in my condtion i didnt think it might recover soon.. mayb take a  month.. or mayb a year like b.. hope they didnt send me to that hospital.. tired of being sick.. and boss promise once i recover he will treat an ice cream.. but aybe i cnt walk at that time.,. they try to ecover my leg. but nothin happen.. i can recover it myself.. but for how long? only for 2hours.. then it back.. huh.. am i gonna lost my memories? if that so.. my last wish. i hope i can still smile that time.. and dont u ever told me bout my sad past,,,

hmm.. really tired.. boss!! can we had an ice cream?? i know im stll in fever mood.. but i really wanna eat ice cream.. then we go for pasta please??? TT~TT tired of waiting for pasta.. i really wanna eat pasta.. if i didnt get it now.. i wish im not here anymore... its really make me tooooooooo tired.. can i sleep? i cant breathe.. maybe too pressure.. but boss wont allow me to.. he said, if u wanna faint.. then faint in front of me.. =__= then how can i faint? i dont wanna faint anymore especially infront of both of them.. sorry.. type later.. tired.. dont want to loose my file again


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