hard to understand others...

errr... dont kow what title i should put up there.. XD well.. start our story.. first yan keep controlling me and always accuse me... he said i got many bf now.. and he doesnt believe me like he used 2.. sumtimes feel soooo annoying.

then one of my acquaintance.. 2 days in row he came at my workplace and ask whether i want to hangout wif him or not.. hmm.. ombak rindu.. and i dont know what he said to my little friend till he really want to go and ask me to follow them... =__=" worried now.. since i dont wanna out wif him... maybe my litte friend will get mad at me.. hope noothing bad happen.. ain and boss said i shouldnt go out wif him.. but pity for him.. he gave all his effort just to ask me for a movie.. but now.. TT~TT

hmmm.. then ho else? yea.. boss.. hehe.. hes not my boss actually.. just i like to call him boss.. he just like my bro.. but maybe a kind hearted brother.. XD yea... hard to find sum1 that will try to pursue u when ur about to cry and keep scolding everyone near u.. hmm... but feel bad.. everyone keep talking bout us.. they tought that were a couple since he fetch me at my house and send me back home... but thats becoz we live near... he said, just ignore all that... he doesnt care.. everyone will keep saying bout that and when they tired, they will stop.. one thing that i like bout him.. he keep sending me msg nite, sleep tight.. >////<

eh?? bout me? hmm.. im more prettier.. XD just kidding... actually our customer said i looks diffeent and looks more cute and beautiful than before... but maybe they just kiddy around.. but i like this custome.. he keep calling me japanese people.. XD errr.. dont want to write anymore.. **blushing**


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